Digital Paper Cutting Machine

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Digital Paper Cutting Machine

The digital paper cutting machine has the solid construction, exquisite appearance, fast cutting speed, high cutting accuracy, high and adjustable hydraulic pressure, etc. This product is an ideal full open paper cutting unit. Its working platform is fitted with an air cushion for convenient and labor saving paper transportation. The cutting device is able to display the dimensions of the paper before and after cutting at the same time and adopts position detection system. The nixie tube displays cutting specifications on the operation platform with accurate readings. Our product can be applied to various kinds of paper, paper-like soft materials, books, paper products, paper box, fabric, etc.

Technical Specification
Max. Cutting Width1300mm Hydraulic Pump Motor (Power and Rotation Speed) 1.5kW, 950 RPM
Max. Cutting Length1300mm Air Pump Motor (Power and Rotation Speed)1.1kW, 2860 RPM
Max. Cutting Height 100mm Paper Feeding Motor (Power and Rotation Speed)0.37kW,1420 RPM
Max. Paper Pressing Force 40000N Overall Dimension 2730 ×2800 ×1880mm
Paper Cutting Motor (Power and Rotation Speed)4kW, 1420 RPM Weight 4000kg

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