Máquina de corte longitudinal y hendidura con cuchilla fina PLC

The thin blade PLC slitter scorer is better than the BFY type in terms of quality. Its sales volume has been gradually increasing. The product can be used together with higher speed production line. Its position in the production line can be illustrated in the diagram ⑩.

1. The distance between blades is electrically adjusted and the blades are automatically locked at given positions with the pneumatic system.
2. This thin blade PLC slitter scorer, as an important part in the corrugated cardboard production line, is responsible for slitting and creasing of the corrugated cardboard.
3. The product is wholly lifted to meet different paper output height of corresponding production lines.
4. It is assembled with an electrical axial displacement device for effective matching of deviation of paper web.
5. The cardboard specifications are manually regulated. Thus, the product has simple operation and great practicality.
6. The transmission part of the slitter scorer uses synchronous belt for high transmission accuracy.
7. The slitting and creasing groups makes use of novel blades for high speed slitting. The cuts of the cardboard are flat and smooth while having no crack and crushing. The blades are pneumatically sharpened. Moreover, this group can achieve automatic and manual blade sharpening during operation. The sharpening time and chill time can be set for sharp cutting edges of blades.
8. The product supports frequency control. Speed measuring and encoding device can directly get the production speed by use of the tachometer wheel.
9. The rotation speed of the creasing motor is regulated by the instructions released by the PLC to make the motor work synchronously with the whole production line.

Especificaciones técnicas
Creasing Speed: 120-150m/min
Axial Displacement of Whole Machine: ±65mm
Diameter of Thin Blade: φ200mm
Min. Slitting Width of Thin Blade: 140mm
Min. Creasing Width of Thin Blade: 35mm

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